The best Window

Types for Your 

Home in 2023?

What are the best window types for your home?

Installing new windows for your home will do much more than improve its look. Homeowners who invest in new windows will see the benefits of increased thermal efficiency, a reduction in energy bills, enhanced security and exterior noise reduction. When searching for new windows the configurations are almost endless, so it is important you evaluate your options and decide which window types are best for you and your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are by far the most popular window choice within the UK, available in both standard and flush styles meaning you will find a design certain to suit the aesthetic of your home. New casement windows are manufactured with energy efficiency in mind meaning from frames to glazing your new window will help keep your home insulated. Keeping cold weathers out while still allowing for adequate air flow and ventilation in hotter summer months. Thanks to the performance of UPVC frames a casement window could help you see a reduction in your energy bills.

When it comes to style you will not be short of options. Frame colour can be chosen to perfectly suit the design on your home. Slim frames help you achieve optimal sightlines from your window without sacrificing the performance. This highly customisable window doesn’t just stop at colour with you being able to pick between a wide range of handle types and glazing styles.

A Casement Window Gives You
– Complete Control of Airflow
– Timeless Frame Design
– Offers High Security Ratings
– Energy Efficient
– Cost Effective
– Highly Customisable
– Low Maintenance


Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows offer you a large amount of flexibility when it comes to opening, with a window of this type able to be completely opened inwards as well tilted for more subtle ventilation. Tilt & Turn windows utilise larger UPVC Frames that add an extra layer of durability and energy efficiency. These secure windows allow for the entire unit to be opened at once making it easier to clean and maintain than other window types. Many manufactures will also offer multi-point locking systems within their tilt & turn windows giving you complete control over how much the window can be opened, making your home a safer space for younger family members. Like a casement window a tilt and turn window also offers you complete frame customisation when it comes to colour from clean whites to more modern slate grey aesthetics.

A Tilt & Turn Window Gives You
– Enhanced Control Over Opening
– More Ventilation Options
– Multi Point Locking System
– Easy to Clean
– Airtight Frames
– Large Plane of Glazing
– Energy Efficient Frames

Reversible Windows

Reversible Windows are an exceptional choice for windows sitting at a higher elevation whether it be at the top of your home or in a higher-level apartment. This window offers a narrow minimalist style that can be opened to 180 degrees, giving you complete control over ventilation. This window type also utilises narrow and slim UPVC framing offering exception energy efficiency even in the harshest of weather conditions. When it comes to aesthetic design you can choose between a wide range of framing colours allowing you to tailor your windows to your homes style.

A Reversible Window Gives You
– Great for Higher Elevation Areas
– UPVC Frames
– Multi Point Locking Systems
– Easy to Clean
– Energy Efficient
– Increased Airflow Control
– Airtight Frames
– Range of Frame Colours

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows offer you a truly unique window style with the flexibility of the glazing and frames, able to be manufactured into a variety of shapes and sizes from large floor to ceiling windows to circular and triangular shapes. These window types can transform an extension or renovation allowing for huge amounts of natural light to flood into your home. Aluminium windows despite their unique shapes and sizes are now much more energy efficient offering insulation benefits from the frames and glazing. An aluminium frame will often outperform its UPVC counterpart providing you with enhanced durability and better value for money.

Aluminum Windows Give You –
– Very Durable
– High Strength to Weight Ratio
– Unique Shapes & Sizes
– Energy Efficient
– Easy to Maintain
– Recyclable Material

Time to Consider Triple Glazing?

Triple Glazing usually thought only needed for the harshest weather environments, Triple glazed windows are now becoming a popular choice for homeowners around the UK. With weather becoming harsher and more unpredictable the strength and insulation provided by triple glazing is now more appealing than ever. A Triple glazed window will provide you with exception energy efficiency reducing energy wastage and blocking out additional noise pollution. Triple glazing is a great option for homeowners who live on busy streets or near main roads.

A Triple Glazed Window Will Give You –
– More Insulation
– A More Durable Window
– A Reduction in Noise
– Increased UV Light Protection
– Improved Security
– Reduction in Energy Bills
– Potential Increase in Home Value

Choosing the best window for you

When it comes to the installation of new windows the options can seem endless, but the decision will ultimately come down to what is most important to you from improving your homes’ energy efficiency to its aesthetic appeal. An important factor to consider when purchasing windows for your home is where they are coming from. Your local installers will all source from different manufacturers, so it is crucial you ask who their suppliers are.

A trusted and reputable installer such as M20 Builders will always be upfront and open with their suppliers, you should see any hesitance from an installer mentioning where their windows are from as a warning sign. You can’t go wrong when opting for windows from some of the industries leading manufacturers such as Eurocell, Duraflex Dekko and Raum all of which are used by M20 Builders.