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M20 Builders Ltd offer a range of roofing services across the Altrincham area. The skilled team of roofers at M20 have decades of roofing experience offering you a complete roofing service that you can rely on. Every aspect of your roofing needs can be covered by us including, new roofs, re-roofing, roof repairs, flat roofing and roof repairs. When you invest in a new roof from M20 you can be sure that you will be getting a high-quality installation. Roofing materials are sourced from some of the UK’s leading roof tiles manufacturers such as Marley and Keymer. Book your new roof installation with M20 Builders to get a free roofing quote and an installation date that suits your schedule.

Clay Roofs

Slate Roofs

Concrete Roofs

Flat Roofs

Roofer Altrincham

New Roof Installations

Get a completely new roof for your home from M20 Builders Ltd. We can install roofs of all shapes and sizes for any home in the Altrincham area. M20 strive to have roofing solutions that can meet a range of budgets, clay concrete and slate tiled roofs are available for you to choose from.

A new roof will add significant value to you home as well as allowing you to save on energy bills making your home significantly more energy efficient. M20 will ensure that your roof installation runs flawlessly with an experienced roof always on site to quality check the progress of your installation, to ensure you do not run into issues later down the line.


Add years to the life expectancy of your existing roof with a complete reroofing service provided by M20 Builders. If your current roof is aging but still in good condition, then you can opt for a re-roof rather than a complete replacement. Re-roofing will provide you with many of the benefits of a new roof installation while being significantly cheaper.

The M20 team have experience of working with a range of roof tiles including clay, slate, and concrete, meaning we will be able to easily re-roof your home. If you are unsure if a re-roof is the right option for you then M20 can inspect your roof and provide you with a range of roofing options that can meet your needs and budget.

Roofer Altrincham

Roof Repairs

Get your roof repaired today with M20 Builders Ltd. We offer a quick and reliable roof repairs service to our Altrincham based customers. If you spot an issue with your roof, then getting it repaired quickly will give you roof the best chance of avoiding further long-term damage.

Many roofs will receive damage from strong weather and storms allowing water to enter your property causing structural damage, that can be very expensive to remedy. Contact M20 Builders to get your roof repaired quickly and for a reasonable price. Our roof repairs service including flashings, chimneys, tile replacements and roofline repairs.

Flat Roofing Specialists 

Flat roofing systems are a great choice for any low-rise structures such as home extensions. A flat roof is not only long lasting and durable but will also be much cheaper than any tiled roof alternatives. M20 use the best waterproof membranes on our flat roof providing you with a waterproof surface that can last up to 20 years.  We also offer all our Altrincham based clients a variety of flat roofing solutions to meet any budget including felt, rubber, and GRP flat roofs.

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    Roofer Altrincham

    M20 Builders FAQ

    Do I need planning permission to change my roof?

    No roof replacements or reroofs will not require any planning permission providing you are not altering the shape of your roof.

    What roof types do you offer?

    M20 Builders offer a range of roofing solutions to meet your budget.

    For pitched roofing we offer –

    • Clay Roofs
    • Slate Roofs
    • Concrete Roofs

    For flat roofs we offer –

    • Felt Roofing
    • Rubber Roofing
    • GRP Roofs
    How should I prepare for my roofing work?

    To prepare for roofing work completed by M20 Builders please ensure any front driveways are clear and we can easily access your property. If we are working on the rear of your home, please ensure there is access to your garden.

    Can I walk on my roof?

    You should never walk on your roof, as this can cause serious damage to your roof tiles. Roofs should never be walked on with many materials such as slate tiles not being able to withstand the weight of someone walking on them.

    Do you guarantee your work?

    Yes, all new roof installations completed by us will be guaranteed. You will be informed of the length of your guarantee prior to your booking. Roof tiles used will also come with full manufacturer warrantees.

    Do I have to leave my home while you work on my roof?

    No, we can work on your roof while you are in your home. You will only ever be asked to leave your home if there are serious structural issues found within your roof that can be a danger to anyone within the home.

    Can I just repair my roof myself?

    Repairing your roof on your own or “DIY repairs” is never recommended. This is because roofing is a specialist skill which take years of on-the-job knowledge to learn. Poorly conducted DIY repairs can lead to further damage to your roof, meaning you would have to pay for the DIY work to be rectified as well as the repairs itself.

    Can I jet wash my roof?

    No, you should not jetwash a roof as the force from the jet washer can lead to tiles breaking or becoming misaligned. If you need your roof cleaned or maintained, then contact the M20 Builders team today to assist you.