How Much Does

A Loft Conversion

Cost in 2023?

Loft Conversion Cost UK?

Loft Conversions

Investing in a loft conversion is a great way to add much needed space to your home creating spacious areas that are perfect for additional bedrooms, snug areas and bathrooms. Despite loft conversion being an expensive endeavour, they are often worth it with your homes value being increased as a result. M20 Builders Ltd are loft conversion specialists and can develop your loft to increase your space and homes value.

Loft Conversion costs will vary on a variety of factors, an average would be £42,000 – £50,000

Some key factors that will affect the cost of a loft conversion are:
– Size of your loft
– The Complexity of the conversion
– Your existing roof conditions
– Your area of the country
– The current price of building materials
– The quality of the conversion
– The finishes of fixtures & Fittings

The benefits of converting your loft

More Living Space

If you are growing your family or have loved ones moving in, you may need more space so will be looking at options to extend your home or even move to a larger place. Both of which can be a long and expensive process. Converting your loft is an ideal alternative meaning you won’t have to move while gaining the added space you need for additional bedrooms, toilets or living areas.


Rarely need planning permission

If you are looking to extend, often for a large enough extension you will need to obtain planning permission. The planning process is renowned for being a long and arduous process, that can be expensive and very stressful for homeowners. Converting your loft is normally within your permitted development rights, meaning you can convert your loft without the need for planning permission. There are however exceptions to this such as wanting to completely change the look of your property or if you reside within a listed building.


Improves energy efficiency

A loft conversion can improve the energy efficiency of your home. The addition of natural lighting through energy efficient windows will help allow warmer natural light in while keeping out harsher winter weathers. Your loft will also again the benefit of being fully insulated. A well-insulated loft will help keep warmer air from escaping your home meaning less will be heating required. A well-made loft conversion can actually help your home save you money on energy bills.


Ads Value to your home

A loft conversion like an extension will often add value to your home. This offsets the cost making it an investment rather than a large purchase. You can make the most of your investment by getting your home appraised and asking the agent for a guideline price for the home with the addition of a loft conversion. Your price increase will vary on other factors however such as the quality of the conversion and your areas ceiling price.

How long does it take to convert a loft?

Your loft conversion timescale will be entirely dependant of size and complexity. Some average figures as a guide are –

Smaller Loft Conversions                4-6 Weeks
Larger Loft Conversions                 8-10 Weeks
More Complex Conversions           12+ Weeks

Loft Conversion Types – Which is best for you

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

A perfect solution for gaining space that was otherwise inaccessible a hip to gable loft conversion involves changing the shape and appearance of your roof. Extending your roof to the end of your property creating a more open loft space. This type of loft conversion is suited for semi-detached and detached properties. A detached property can have a double hip to gable conversion to cover both sides of your roof.

Loft Conversion – Terraced House

Being one of the cheapest and smallest loft conversion options a loft conversion for a terrace house can add utility or space to your home. The price will be affected by your needs, a larger conversion with living space will be more expensive than a smaller conversion for storage or utility. A terraced house loft conversion however will be one of the lowest costs when compared to a semi or detached house.

Loft Conversion – Semi-detached House

Loft conversions for semi-detached houses are a popular choice allowing the owners to create more space without having to move home. Your slopped roof can be altered to create more space that allows enough room for a spacious living area or bedroom and toilet.

Loft Conversion – Detached House

A detached house loft conversion despite being the most expensive will afford you the largest amount of room. Altering slopped roofs and raising roof space will give you a spacious feel that is perfect for additional bedrooms, toilets, living areas and a complete staircase access. A detached loft conversion can massively raise the value of your property, it is best to get your home’s value appraised with the loft conversion in mind before deciding on your budget.

Bungalow Loft Conversion

A bungalow loft conversion is a great way to completely transform a home. As bungalows are single level with a large surface area the roof is also as big meaning you can gain significant space from the conversion. The size of the space however means a bungalow loft conversion would be much more expensive when compared to a regular terraced house conversion.

Shell Loft Conversion

A Shell loft conversion is a cost-effective choice for any DIY enthusiasts. A Shell conversion will have your builder undertake all structural works including joists and dormers. From there the loft is left empty for you to undertake the decorating and customisation yourself. Often people opt to do the work themselves or outsource to another 3rd party contactor.

M20 Builders Ltd – Loft Conversion Specialists

M20 Builders Ltd can undertake all loft works, with decades of experience creating stunning conversions and different property types. Offering free no obligation quotes and consultations, M20 builders can come out to your home, inspect your loft and advise you on the best loft conversion options to meet your needs. M20 builders can complete loft conversion for all home types including detached, semi detached and terrace house as well as bungalows.